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Denver Bierliga Rules

A. The Basics


  1. The League Directors shall act upon any and all situations not covered explicitly in these rules. Interpretation of the rules is also the sole discretion of the League Directors in any situation in which the rules could be interpreted in multiple ways.  All decisions will be final.

  2. Denver Bierliga offers a Soccer Program for the recreational enjoyment of the participants. Denver Bierliga is the sole governing body of this program.

  3. Teams are responsible for knowing the current FIFA Laws of the Game with the amendments included within this document will be the rules of competition for outdoor play. 

  4. The game shall be played between two teams of 11 Co-Ed players (at least 3 men and at least 3 women) each for full field games. A team may play with only 2 women players but must play with a total of only 10 players until a 3rd woman enters the field. A team may also play with only 1 woman player but must play with a total of only 9 players until a 2nd or 3rd woman enters the field.

    • Denver Bierliga policy is that anyone who was assigned female at birth or identifies as a woman may count themselves as a woman for the purposes of meeting minimum numbers of women on the field—which includes people assigned female at birth who identify as male or non-binary as well as people assigned male at birth who sincerely identify as women. The league reserves the right to request documentation or evidence that the stated gender is sincerely held and a part of a person’s core identity.

  5. It is essential that the necessary safety rules are followed at all times without exception. It is essential for all players to enter the game with the attitude that this is a recreational activity, during which contact can occur and that good sportsmanship will always prevail.


B. Denver Bierliga Additional Laws of the Game


FIFA Laws of the game apply with the following modification:

  1. Game Length: games will be two (2) 40 minutes halves, three (3) minute half-time.

    • Game clock starts on time, regardless of if teams are ready at the stated game time. If the field is unavailable at the stated game time, for example if a previous game runs long, then the clock will start 2 minutes after the field becomes available. 

  2. Substitutions on the fly. 

    • Substituting player may not become involved in play until outgoing player is completely removed from the field of play

  3. NO SLIDE TACKLES INVOLVING OR NEAR OTHER PLAYERS, any slide tackle by a defender inside the penalty box will result in a penalty kick.
    Anything going to the ground near an opposing player is deemed a slide tackle. Slide tackles only involving yourself are permissible. 

  4. Players may be added to the roster up to the start of the third week. If additional players are added, they must be added to the team’s official roster by submitting the Change of Roster Form. 

    • Guest players from other Bierliga teams are highly encouraged when or if your team will fall short of fielding enough players to start the game. 

      Playoff Games Modification:

  5. Week one: Game Length: games will be two (2) 35 minutes halves, three (3) minute half-time. This will allow for any tie games to go into Penalty Kicks to determine the game’s winner in a timely manner. Week two: two (2) 25 minute halves, three (3) minute half-time. 

    • Game clock starts on time

  6. Players may not be added during any playoff competition, or tournament play. All players who participate in playoffs must be officially on a Bierliga team’s roster. 

    • Guest players from other Bierliga teams are only allowed if they: 

      • are regular players on your team (have played at least three (3) games with that team), or 

      • at the discretion of the opposing team. 

    • The opposing team is allowed to demand a forfeit if your team is unable to field a team without help from non-regular players from other Bierliga teams.


C. Game Day Procedure


  1. Teams must have a minimum of 7 players to start the game. Opponents have the following options:

    • Start the game clock and allow the team up to 10 minutes to get enough legal players before the forfeit is declared, or

    • The team unable to meet the minimum 7 players requirement can choose to immediately forfeit.

  2. In the event a game is forfeited the teams will be allowed to use the field for a limited time to practice/scrimmage. If both teams and the referee agree, the assigned referee will officiate a scrimmage game. The field must be vacated no less than ten (10) minutes prior to the next scheduled game’s start. The opponent team of the team that has forfeit will be awarded three (3) goals and the win for the week. 

  3. Teams may pick up individual players for single games as long as the players have signed the waiver. No player who has not signed a waiver is permitted to play in any Bierliga game. 

  4. Teams and Spectators:

    • Teams and coaches/managers may set up equipment and gear a minimum of five (5) feet outside the sidelines. Spectators may sit or stand beyond this point as well.


D. Weather Delay and Game Rescheduling


A final decision will be made at least two (2) hours prior to game time. In the event that inclement weather may cancel games:

  1. The Team Captain will receive a call, text, or email. Only Captains should call and notify their players. Please contact Bierliga if there is any doubt about whether games will be played. 

  2. Games that are called due to lightning or other unsafe playing conditions will be played or called at the discretion of the center referee. The referee may opt for a waiting time no less than 10 minutes and no more than 30 minutes (per FIFA standards to determine if conditions will improve to acceptable playing conditions. The game clock continues to run during the waiting time.

  3. If a game is called prior to half time, the game will be rescheduled and no score will be entered until the rescheduled game. If a game is called after one half of the game has been completed, the score at the time the game was called will be recorded as the official score and the game will not be rescheduled.

    Rescheduled Games:

  4. A preliminary schedule will be released at the Captain’s Meeting about a week prior to the start of the league.

  5. If your team is unable to attend your scheduled game, you must contact the league at least 36 hours prior to the game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

  6. Make-up games may be scheduled at any time. Original schedules may change. Any changes will result in a notification via phone and email to the team Manager/Coach.


E. Uniforms


  1. Jerseys:

    • All teams must have jerseys with visible numbers. T-shirts in uniform color scheme are acceptable.

    • Arabic Numerals are required on the back of the uniform jersey (minimum of 6 inches). No duplicate numbers.

    • Exceptions may be made for guest players at the referee’s discretion.

  2. Shorts: players are to wear shorts or pants.

  3. Shoes: Only one piece molded rubber shoes are acceptable. No screw-in cleats.

  4. Shinguards: All players must wear shin guards. 

  5. Jewelry: all jewelry must be removed or may be worn if made safe to the discretion of the referees.
    This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Wedding rings

    • Medical IDs

    • Religious emblems

    • Fitness trackers

  6. Any player that cannot meet all of the above minimum requirements will not be allowed to participate in the game. Any equipment in question should be brought to the attention of the referee prior to the start of the game.


F. Team Fees


  1. All Teams League Fees are due in full at registration. Payments are accepted online.

  2. There are no refunds on team fees after the first scheduled game.


G. Disciplinary Action


  1. FIFA Laws of the game apply.

    • a. Cautions (Yellow Cards) and Send Offs (Red Cards) are recorded and monitored. Cautions and send-offs will result in player suspensions.

  2. Denver Bierliga reserves the right to suspend or expel any team or player from the league for reasons of conduct, failure to observe rules, regulations, and procedures and/or failure to field a team for 2 or more games. Written notification of such actions will be provided to the individual and/or team manager.

  3. Fines apply to players, coaches, managers, or spectators and are as follows:

    • Fines must be paid in cash to Denver Bierliga for a player to return to play.

      • Accumulation of three (3) yellow cards in a season = 1 day suspension, to apply to the following week’s scheduled games, and a $50.00 “Being an Arschloch” fine. 

      • Two (2) yellow cards in a single game = red card. Person must sit out the remainder of that day, must sit out the next scheduled week’s games, a player sent off may not be substituted for, $50.00 “Being an Arschloch” fine.

      • Red Card (Send Off) – person is expelled for the remainder of the day, will receive a minimum of one (1) game suspension, including any games scheduled for that day, 50.00 “Being an Arschloch” fine.

      • Red Card for Serious Foul Play, Violent Conduct, or Foul and Abusive Language will receive a suspension, minimum of 2 games and may result in further suspension to the discretion of Denver Bierliga. Minimum $50.00 “Being an Arschloch'' fine. 

    • Any person accumulating 2 or more red cards in any 12-month period will be subject to suspension from the Denver Bierliga.

    • Any player, coach, manager, or spectator sent off must leave the facility by their own means.


H. Protests


  1. Official protests can be brought before the League Directors. Decisions will be weighed upon by League Directors, officiating referees, and all team captains present during the offense. The decision on whether or not the protest stands will be made by majority vote. 

  2. No protests shall be received or considered if it is based solely on the accuracy of judgment on the part of the officials (judgment calls).

  3. Only calls that result in a caution, send-off, or a game-deciding goal may be protested. 

  4. The protest must be made by the end of day in order to be considered, all forms must be completed within that deadline in order to be official.

  5. Protest forms will be filled out by the team captain, coach, or manager. 

  6. All final decisions will be made within a week of the protest being registered.    

  7. Decisions affecting scores will be adjusted to standings within one week of the decision.


I. Awards


  1. League champions will receive individual awards. The number of awards will be equal to the number of paid participants on the roster, no more than 20 and will be provided to the Team Captains for distribution to the team.


J. Tie Breakers:

  1. Record

  2. Head-to-Head

  3. Goal Differential

  4. Goals Scored

  5. Rock-Paper-Scissors

Last Updated: August 21, 2022

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