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About Bierliga

The Denver Bierliga was formed in 2022 by two friends who wanted to give their friends and fellow soccer players the league they wanted and deserved. More to come after we successfully launch our first season. Prost!

Why the name "Bierliga"

Our name is derived from two sources:
1) the German soccer league Bundesliga, and 2) a generic term used for a fun, relaxed Sunday sports league where teams gather together after their respective games to enjoy a nice cold one.



To provide the best, most inclusive sports league experience possible.

Our sole purpose of existing is to make sure everyone in our league has a fun, enjoyable experience. It's really that simple. 

Have ideas how to help us make this league better? Let us know.


Respect each other

Respect everyone around you as human beings. Help your teammates, help other teams, help the refs. Treat everyone as equals. Don’t be Arschslochs to each other for no reason. Handle disputes respectfully, don’t retaliate, and remain relatively calm; there’s no reason to lower yourself.

Do your best

League managers, referees, and employees—just give it your all. Nobody is perfect, but we expect everyone to do their best and try to get things right. Sometimes the ref will make a bad call, or a player will be just a bit late on a tackle, but the important thing is we all endeavor to be our best selves.

Give a Scheiße

Give a Scheiße about your team, and give a Scheiße about the league. Show up when you promise to, be accountable, and help us make this a positive experience for everyone else.

Don’t take it too seriously

Remember that this is a recreational league. No one here is getting scouted to the pros, we’re all just here to have fun and we all want to be able to walk in the morning. This is supposed to be fun. We’re all adults here, we can act like adults and recognize that some of these petty grievances just are not worth it.

Have fun!

We play soccer because we love soccer! We come here to have fun, so have fun! When we forget that we’re having fun, we just make ourselves miserable instead. If you’re worried about getting axed by the other team, or your own teammates yelling at you over a mistake, that isn’t fun anymore, so let’s all be kind to each other and let each other have an enjoyable soccer experience.

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